Band Bio


  • Guilherme de Alvarenga: Vocals and Synths
  • Edu  Megale: Guitars
  • Caio Campos: Bass

When the strong sonority from Death Metal blends with the epic melodies from Power metal and both elements are developed by the Classical Music´s Alchemy and the Heavy Metal´s passion, we feel the music essence flowing and transforming into D.A.M´s new release: The Awakening.

The new melodic death metal phenomenon returns with this release continuing the story started at Ep Possessed, showing why, in a short time, they conquered so many achievements!

Having started their activities in 2013 with the virtual release of the single “Dark Night of the Soul” by leader and composer Guilherme de Alvarenga, D.A.M quickly conquered fans´ hearts, establishing themselves as one of the greatest promises of Brazilian Heavy Metal scene with the release of the Ep Possessed.

In the end of the same year D.A.M. released the album Tales of the Mad King. It was a huge success among the heavy metal media and metal-heads around the world, with a number of glowing reviews being published. This stimulated world wide CD sales including Brazil, North America, Europe, and Japan and many other territories.

2014 was a big year for D.A.M. with members playing with some big acts, such as the North American guitarist Paul Gilbert, and the release of their Ep Phantasmagoria. Heavy Metal media praised the quality of Phantasmagoria’s songs and fans went wild claiming the band as “Future Kings of Melodic Death Metal” and “New Melodic Death Metal phenomenon”. This caught the eye of Japanese label Stay Gold Records, resulting in a licensing deal in Japan and up-coming 2015 tour. D.A.M. also performed at the biggest music fair from South America: EXPOMUSIC.

In the end of 2014, D.A.M. developed musical workshops, and were invited by the biggest music store (A Serenata) and the biggest music school (Pro Music) from Belo Horizonte to provide a special course featuring instrumental technique, equipment and music career management to help advance young budding musicians.

D.A.M blends into their sonority techniques from classical music, such as motif development with an aggressive sonority, complex forms, such as the classical sonata with the simplicity of heavy metal riffs, entwined in a dark atmosphere with virtuous passages. The lyrics discuss metaphorical reflections about occultism and the dark side of the mind.

With a powerful sonority and passion by their work, D.A.M shows the potential to be one of the greatest emerging bands from Brazil, worrying not only about creating songs, but to make history, changing forever the way to make Heavy Metal!

Currently they are living at Belo Horizonte – MG and promoting their new release, the album “The Awakening”, which fuses the old and the new heavy metal´s school.


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